New Distribution Process


Each new item and brand is unique. Carelessly introducing them into the market without a plan can be devastating to a products success. We thoughtfully launch new items to maximize distribution. Some items and brands will need more education, while others are all about speed and being first to market. If you have the right bait, but you don’t know how to present it – no fish will bite.


Once we come up with a plan, it’s time to go to work. Communication is critical to make sure everyone is informed. This can range from customers needing to be fully educated in-person to a simple speed to market email. Most importantly, the products or brands need to be introduced to the decision-makers.


You need to know what it will take for customer to push the ‘GO’ button. Some customers want free fills, big rebates, or participation in their charity golf outings. It’s also important to always maintain an honest reputation and follow through. This constantly leads to more opportunities for new items down the road.


Following up with a retail execution plan is critical. We have our own retail merchandising team to assist in the implementation of any agreements. We also track all new distributions in order to make sure the products were all shipped successfully. Once in place, projects are turned over to our Business Management Process.

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